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         The modern Lithuanian dictionary explains, that smakas (foodie) - is a dragon, a mythological monster in the semblance of a reptile, usually appears by water. That monster in Lithuanian fairy tales is usually called smakas (foodie).
         Showing an interest on the word smakas we can find one more meaning. Formally smakas was also known as the rainbow. In the storehouse of Lithuanian Folklore we can find, that the rainbow was represented like smakas(monster) with nine heads, which sucks water and drags everything what it finds on its way. The relations of the smakas and the rainbow are based on water element. The monster is shown very often like water being, and usual places for it are big waters. Smakas is characterized for dual nature: it is related not only with water but with a fire too. It can be seen like a reptile and flying like a bird too. 
         A word smakas has the other meaning in Lithuanian language, not only a monster or a rainbow. A man who eats a lot and greedily is named foodie.It also can mean an angry and avid man.
         A cookshop is named „Smakų smakas“. We hope that this name will give a magic power for this quiet oasis. There will be lots of visitors enjoying one of life pleasures to eat deliciously; they will have an opportunity to rest and to communicate. We dream that this dwelling of smakas will be popular and well-liked, and there will be that place which will attract to come again.